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Conversational Commerce

Journey from App Economy towards Bot Economy

The market for apps is maturing. Text-based services & chatbots, looks poised to take off. The dream of the independent developer building a business in the app store is waning down. Finding apps, down-loading them and navigating across them is treated as a big hassle. Most of the apps downloaded are abandoned after a single use. Over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging app installed. In couple of years, that will reach 3.6 billion, about half of humanity. Chatting app users average nearly 200 minutes each week using the service.

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The Invent of Conversational Commerce

"Messaging" - You've got people just spending time in messaging apps.

We all use messaging apps - Whatsapp, Facebook, Kik, SMS.

We live in these messaging apps.

Bots, Chatbots - You can't go anywhere without seeing the hype of Bots and chatbots, ML, AI and NLP and for good reason.

Intersection of these two trends is known as “Conversational Commerce”

Our Chat Bot Team has already built a dozen of bots and maintaining them at production level for the following industries

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Travel & Transport
  • Government

We have built a very strong expertise in building out chat bots using Microsoft’s Azure tech tools

Azure Bot Framework

The Bot Framework is a platform for building, connecting, testing, and deploying powerful and intelligent bots. You can quickly start building bots with the Azure Bot Service. If you prefer building a bot from scratch, the Bot Framework provides the Bot Builder SDK for .NET and Node.js.

Let's look at an example of a bot that reserves hotel rooms. The bot understands the user's intent, presents Hotels, Room Type options using action buttons, displays the user's selection when they tap on “Book” and then sends a thumbnail card that contains the booking specifics.

We can quickly prototype, develop and publish the following kinds of bots using Azure Bot Service

Retail Travel & Transport
Basic Creates a bot that uses dialogs to respond to user input.
Form Creates a bot that collects input from a user via a guided conversation that is created using FormFlow (in C#) or waterfalls (in Node.js).
Language understanding Creates a bot that uses natural language models (LUIS) to understand user intent.
Proactive Creates a bot that uses Azure Functions to alert users of events.
Question and Answer Creates a bot that uses a knowledge base to answer the user’s questions.

Bot Framework Tech Stack


Rich Internet


Data & Artificial Intelligence

  • Do you have your business data available in different systems in different data formats?
  • While you are able to understand your business data in silos but often fail to co-relate data across various formats?
  • You are unable to get 360-degree view of your business (or) customer by relating data from different systems?
  • Are you unable to unlock the untold stories by applying “Always Learning” Algorithms on your data and provide meaningful insights?

Our Data Team is having expertise with

  • Regular DW + Business Intelligence Platform Development – Using Open Source Tools and Microsoft SQL Server DW ecosystem
  • BigData Processing & Intelligence – Using Hadoop + Spark ecosystem
  • RDMBS – mySQL, Postgres SQL, SQL Server, Oracle
  • Key Value Pair – AWS S3, Redis Cache, Azure Cosmos DB
  • Document Storage – MongoDB, Dynamo DB, Couch DB
  • Graph Data Storage – Neo4J DB
  • Development of customized Machine Learning & Deep Learning algorithms using R & Python
  • Expertise in building Classifiers, Recommendation Systems, Out-Liar Detectors, Segmentors and Predictive Models
  • Identification and tagging of various objects in the image
  • OCR and identification of text embedded inside an image
  • Identification of text written in a hand-written text image
  • Building Classifiers using Images of your products and thus building a customized Quality Control Platform to verify your product’s quality before dispatch
  • Face Detection & Verification Services
  • Voice Detection & Verification Services
  • Authentication Enablement using Face / Voice
  • Building very powerful Dashboards that narrates your data like a story
  • We have expertise in building dashboards using
    • Microsoft Power BI
    • D3.js

Internet of

Our IoT – “Centre of Excellence” Team is having very rich experience in implementing highly scalable IoT architectural solutions for various industries like Healthcare, Retail, Smart Homes, Industrial IoT, & Rural IoT.

If you are in ideation stage, our team helps you out in building quick prototypes for all the use-cases from “Device to Dashboard” using best in class IoT architectural patterns – Edge Devices, Data Ingestion, Gateway Services, Lambda Architecture, Story Telling Dashboards.

Our Team is having expertise in building out scalable IoT applications that could accept billions of messages from the devices continuously. We are having experience in building out IoT system using

Open Source Stack


Azure IoT Stack


AWS IoT Stack